Gerard Pique: the departure of a legend



The central defender of FC Barcelona recently upset his fans with sad news: the football player is retiring. He fully fulfilled his promise to the fans – not to play for any other club than Barça.

Astonishing as for the “stars” that he is not old even by football standards. He just turned 35 years old. But he decided that it was better to play casino with ordinary croupiers or slot machines than with the fate of roulette. After all, it is preferable to leave as a legend, and not wait until age takes its toll.

Moreover, there are dizzying prospects. But more on that later.

The start of the career of one of the best defenders in the history of football

He joined the Barcelona Sports Academy at the age of 10. After his 17th birthday, Manchester United FC was noticed and signed a contract with him that lasted 5 years. Due to circumstances beyond his control, FC Real Zaragoza was “leased out”, then a short return to United, where he played until the end of his contractual obligations.

In 2008 he returned to his native Barcelona, ​​where he stayed until his retirement. Incredible stability, devotion and love for Barça may have allowed him to become and remain a star and a legend all these years.

Awards to be envied

  • Eight-time Spanish champion
  • Six Cups and 6 Spanish Super Cups
  • Three European Super Cups
  • Three FIFA Club World Cups
  • 3 League Cups
  • World champion.

He was a member of the Spanish national team and the symbolic world team. For such a long career, he participated in 3 World and European Championships. Since the Spanish national team and FC Barcelona are extremely popular in the world, Gerard took part in a huge number of lesser-known tournaments and friendly matches. He was constantly included in the basic squad, so he played a total of 615 matches.

Despite his role as a defender, he managed to score 52 goals, they even made bets on him – he would score / not score.

Fan of your club

In 2021, Barça are facing serious financial problems. And then Pique, the second captain of the team, came to the rescue. He offered to reduce his salary, which allowed Eric García and Memphis Depay to be registered.

Of course, such devotion is worthy of respect and encouragement – Gerard lost his place in the starting line-up as new players arrived.

At the moment, he is tipped to be the President of the club. Let’s hope that this will be the case. “Barcelona” has already played in the casino, placing a bet on the wrong field. “Megastar” Messi is lost, the legend of Pique is leaving. No matter how the club started playing with empty stadiums, they went to these players.

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