How to Play Roulette



Whether you want to play the game of roulette online or at a land-based casino, the game of roulette offers the same rule. Roulette is one of the popular table games with a large following. It comes with lots of excitement as the dealer spins the wheel to determine where the ball lands. This game also has many strategies, so it’s worth trying. 

Newbie casino players who want to enjoy this game need to know how to play it. Here’s a guide to help you enjoy the beautiful game of roulette. 

Gameplay for Roulette

Step 1:  select the table best for you. There are different variations available to try out. It, however, depends on your mode of play, either online or offline. 

Step 2: purchase game chips from the dealer. If you’re playing on online casinos, you need to make a real money deposit before proceeding to a game. 

Step 3: place your bet chips at your favourite table spot. When the table is filled, the croupier will announce “no more bets.”

Step 4: the wheels spin, and if the ball lands at your chosen spot, you win. The croupier announces the spot location.

Start 5: The croupier now pays the winning bet and sweeps in the losing chips. He then shouts “dolly,” which signifies a new game round. 

How to Select a Roulette Table

There are different roulette variations available. Each has its minimum amount allowed. Various amounts are permitted, so a glance at the game’s menu is essential to help you. Using one of the two different bet types, inside and outside bet. 

You need to choose which table is best for you when you decide to bet either inside or outside. Each bet type also has its requirements. 

Roulette Rules

Like other casino games, roulette has its own rules guarding its gameplay. Its style of play is simple, but its rules are essential. 


The chips used here are different from the regular casino chips. They are colourful and only available at the table. When you get to your choice table, place your money on it when the table is not in session. Inform the dealer, and it will be changed to the roulette currency. 

When to Bet

You’d have to wait for the next game to start as soon as you convert to roulette currency. This happens when the dealer removes an object (buck or puck), a small object placed at the number which was hit at the last round. 

How to Bet

To bet, place the bet at the number you have chosen. If you want to wager on prospects outside the standard layout (depending on the roulette variant chosen), place your chip at the spot and wait for the dealer to spin the wheel.

If your hand cannot reach a part of the table, the dealer can assist you. 

When to Stop Betting

The dealer may start spinning the wheel and accept bets, but at a certain point, he will announce “no more bets,” placing his hand over the entire bet layout. Any more bets placed beyond this point can be disqualified on any game including kalphite slayer task.

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