Top 3 Footballers of All Time



It’s almost impossible to narrow down the many amazing footballers in history to just three players. But nonetheless, that’s exactly what you’ll find here; a list of the three most legendary footballers of all time. Spoiler alert is that two of them are Argentinian. 

The legends of football hold a special place in history. Football is one of the biggest sports in the world and the events happening on the field have a real impact on the world. The biggest footballers of all time have a star status not only when still playing but also after retiring. They made their way into the hearts of football fans all over the world. Even though it will always be a subjective matter who are the best players and why, there are some legends that are definitely up there. It’s the players that you can still look up to and play in many of the best football games out there. Many fans like to spend time playing games at sites like Casinojämfö to impersonate these legends for a little while. There could be many more than three on this list as the list of football legends is long. But these players are some of the best footballers of all time. 

Lionel Messi

One of the most impressive footballers of all time is still playing. There’s no denying the achievements and status of Argentinian player Lionel Messi. He has won no less than 42 trophies in his career and scored more than 800 goals. He holds the record for most Ballon D’or wins with an incredible number of seven titles as the best footballer in the world. At this time, he’s playing at Inter Miami in the US. He will be retiring within the next few years, but until then we still get to enjoy the football magic of Messi. 


A player with almost as many scorings in his career is Brazilian Pele. It’s been a few years since Pele played professionally with his first World Cup Win in 1958. He was the youngest player to participate in the World Cup at the time as well as the youngest to not only score during the cup but also win the entire thing. He kick-started his legendary career as only legends can do it. Afterwards, he went on to score more than 760 goals during his career winning another two World Cups and several titles for his club Santos. 

Diego Maradona

Another legendary player who sadly passed away a few years ago is Diego Maradona. He was the Argentinian of them all before Messi. Now they share the place of the best footballer in Argentinian history. Many perceive Maradona to be one of the best attackers to have ever played. He scored more than 350 goals in his career and won 12 trophies including the World Cup in 1986. His goal “The hand of God” has also joined the history books as one of the wildest goals ever. 

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