Which games were the most popular during the pandemic?



Since the beginning of 2021, the world has been going through a global pandemic lockdown, and it has not ended yet. So, most people spend their time staying inside with family and playing games online. Many games became instantly popular on the internet, and it is still holding onto the legacy. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the viral game trends of the coronavirus lockdown.




It is a shock to many people that chess has suddenly very popular both online and offline. Undoubtedly chess was a popular and universal game before the pandemic, but it had a specific fanbase, and usually, the nerdy group used to love it. But, during the soft, extended lockdown, people found out that chess can be a great way of mind storming, learning new things, and having a good time.


There was even a Netflix series released on chess, and there are doubts if the show made chess popular among the masses or vice versa.



Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: the new horizon was one of the most popular games during the pandemic. It is one of the most popular versions of the Nintendo Switch, and here the gamer has to plant trees, sow some seeds, and collect the crop while the seasons change. It might feel like a kid’s game initially, but people were going through tough times, and this game was light enough to help people with their stress and anxiety.



Ring Fit Adventure

People missed the adventure of going out with friends, chasing them to the wild, and working out together during the pandemic. The ring fit adventure game successfully brought the gym freaks and gamer community together at one console. It is also a console switch-based game where the player can simulate the workout videos on the television screen or fight the monster with other friends.



The multiplayer version of the game makes it more enjoyable and long-lasting on the hit chart of the game.


Card games

Card games and some gambling games boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown period. It was a delightful way to spend time and earn some money simultaneously. Though social gatherings were not very common, people used to play these games in pairs or small groups for hours.



The online gambling industry broke all history during the lockdown, and it is continuing to gain more followers. Traditional betting games are also on the table and will always be the first choice for drinking and having fun with friends. But, when people were losing jobs with nowhere to go, these online gambling sites became a saviour for many people.


It provided a full-time job with an enjoyable hobby to many. So, online poker games stay on top of the most played games during pandemic times.



FIFA 2021 online version


People could not join the real FIFA or any public games during a pandemic. But, it does not suppress the emotion we have for football and cricket. So, the online version of FIFA 2021 was one of the most popular games on the chart during the lockdown. It is not an exception, though, and this game remains on the top chart any time of the year.


Online multiplayer games

PUBG was a significant hit in the South East Asian regions during the early pandemic until the situation got normal. It is a Chinese game that allows you to make teams, explore different areas, fight enemies, and establish your kingdom. The game had every element that the masses would enjoy, and the results are pretty visible.

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