Guillermo Ochoa: Games of Destiny



It would seem that you have all the “aces” in your hands: talent, health, interesting appearance, ambition, but because of a strange situation, your future is changing dramatically. This is exactly what happened with Ochoa. He had a real dream, which he strove with all his might: to play in the elite European football clubs. But it turned out that fate “dealt other cards” to him. Perhaps he did not pay tribute to Lady Luck in time, coming into direct contact with her.

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Chance decided everything in Guillermo’s fate

His career developed rapidly. By 2011, scouts of the most powerful European football clubs, including PSG, were actively interested in him. All the Mexican fans were betting on which club the star would choose. The dream of his whole life was about to come true, and suddenly a terrible blow – a doping scandal.

A banned substance has been found in the blood of Mexican football players, including Ochoa. It took only 2 months to figure out the problem and justify the athletes, since the drug came along with low-quality meat, and not through targeted intake.

After that, “how cut off”. No invitations from first division teams.

So the life of a goalkeeper can be divided into before and after 2011.

Happy youth

  • At the age of 18, he is already in the main team of the America club, popular on the continent
  • Olympic team at 19
  • A few months later – the national team
  • Participation in the World Championships 2006, 2010, albeit on the bench, but nonetheless
  • Star performances in CONCACAF, always bringing medals.

That is, Guillermo is a star, one of the best goalkeepers in Latin America and the main criterion for setting odds by bookmakers when accepting bets on the number of goals scored.

After the scandal

He had the only chance to break into European club football – the outsider team “Ajaccio” from France. In Mexico, this was taken as an insult to the local megastar, but the goalkeeper agreed.

He played a lot of matches at the base, played with dignity. But almost all football analysts have noticed that it is at meetings with PSG that the chances of scoring against PSG confidently tend to zero.

Then there was a sensation at the 2014 World Cup. Many fans then noted that Mexico made it to the playoffs solely thanks to the goalkeeper. His confrontation with Neymar, who was already desperate to break into his goal, went down in history.

Then there was a series of European clubs. World Cup 2018, where he again played for the whole team. Now he is back at the World Cup and, without betraying himself, pulls out his native team. Lewandowski has already met him. To him, like to Neymar, he proved by taking a penalty that there are no always scoring forwards, but there are “impassable” goalkeepers.

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