The brightest disqualifications in MMA



When the battle is actually lost and the fighter, not wanting to give up, breaks the rules – this can be understood and accepted. But there is a completely inexplicable behavior, both athletes and judges. We will introduce you to several such situations.

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The Fatal Kiss

The incident occurred in 2005. Japanese Yoshihiro Nakao used to scare his rivals with his eyes. But his opponent Heath Herring was not afraid. Then the representative of the country of the Rising Sun decided to take extreme measures: he approached as close as possible and kissed him on the lips. A fraction of a second later, he was knocked out, then hospitalized. Who do you think got disqualified? Of course, the “kissed” Texan!

Fears justified

In 2004, Fight Festival 12 was held, in which the infamous Gilbert Yvel participated. Betting has already been placed on him at bookmakers: disqualified or not. But this time he outdid himself as he knocked out the referee and then kicked again. How he stayed in MMA after that is a complete mystery.

Flying over the referee

Austin Batra went with an excellent result and a series of victories. In a duel with Hager, he knocked him out in the first minute. What happened next defies explanation: while the time was being counted over the lying opponent, Austin tried to jump over the referee and beat / finish off the opponent.

Entered into a rage

The fight between Brian Olsen and Mike Kyle went on as usual, until the latter performed an illegal hold and knocked out Brian. He did not rest on what he had achieved, but began to raise the stakes, making it even worse: he beat the one who was lying, not responding to the demands to end the fight.

In terms of meaning, a similar situation occurred quite recently at Bare Knuckle FC 32. After the fight was stopped, one of the athletes did not stop. Several people had to intervene, including the head of the League. It was he who took the brawler for a choke hold.

How nice it is not to be caught

Dustin Poirier couldn’t help but boast that he did bite Michael Chandler. Well, as bitten, only the fingers suffered a little. He explains his behavior by the fact that his opponent deliberately blew his nose at him. When Poirier was asked why he was so sure of the intentionality of Michael’s actions, the answer was wonderful. It turns out that he himself did this in another meeting, when his nose was broken.

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