McGregor and Khabib: there is clearly something personal



At the end of November 2022, Conor McGregor challenged his longtime opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov to a fight. He was not at all embarrassed that he had finished competing in MMA back in 2020. On the contrary, he stated that Khabib had fled and was afraid of defeat.

If he still manages to “weakly take” the opponent and force him to return to the octagon, then the fight promises to be very interesting. So don’t forget to install the betting app at in advance to bet with your mind or your heart.

After all, the history of their confrontation lasts for years.

Khabib: gone undefeated

He is inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame as one of the best fighters in any weight class and TOP 1 in lightweight. Before his arrival in the world of mixed martial arts, he managed to become:

  • European champion in pankration, army hand-to-hand combat;
  • Russian champion in combat sambo;
  • world champion in grappling.

Of course, he is the owner of championship belts in the UFC. It is worth noting right away that he is really unique, as he went through 29 meetings without defeat and managed to leave undefeated, and he left MMA at a fairly young age, at only 32 years old. We will talk about the reasons further.

Conor McGregor: still fighting

He is the same age as Khabib, but is currently ranked 13th in the lightweight division. Came to MMA from professional boxing, was the owner of championship belts in lightweight and featherweight. Spent 28 fights with 22 wins and 6 losses.

The career was developing quite well, with small recessions and interruptions, but without much failure, right up to his fight with Khabib. He suffered a crushing defeat, which led to a series of failures.

Unexpected transition of athletes to “personality”

McGregor is, of course, a well-known trash talker. But the situation was not provoked by him, but by his friend and sparring partner Artem Lobov, who gave a shocking interview in defense of Connor, but for some reason dragged Khabib in and insulted him.

For this, the injured party pressed him before the UFC 223 title fight. In response, Lobov and his friends began to smash the parking lot and the bus of Khabib’s team. That is, the battle between McGregor and Nurmagomedov has become inevitable.

As a result, in October 2018, the UFC 229 meeting took place. She broke all records for paid broadcasts, a huge number of bets were made at bookmakers on both fighters. That is, the fight aroused great interest. Khabib won. But after that, a mass brawl began, in which both athletes and their teams took part.


  • Nurmagomedov suspended for 9 months, fined 0.5 million. Received 2 million for the victory;
  • Connor was “banned” for 6 months, fined 50 thousand, received 3 million for the defeat.

Plus, the payment of Khabib’s fee was delayed until 2019, while the commission made decisions. In 2020, his last fight took place. They tried to persuade the fighter to stay in MMA, to hold at least one more fight, because this is a lot of money for broadcasts, hundreds of thousands of people who want to bet on the favorite and other bonuses. But he refused.

Based on the whole story, one should hardly expect a new duel. Dagestanis absolutely do not need it.

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