What Stadium Will the World Cup Final 2022 Be Held?



FIFA’s choice to select Qatar as its host for the next World Cup will open a new era in the competition’s history.

With this World Cup, FIFA fulfills a long-promised commitment to host the event in the Middle East, a region that is considered critical to the growth of the game on a worldwide scale.

As only time will tell which two sides will fight it out for the FIFA World Cup trophy, we’ll get to learn all about the Lusail Stadium, the stadium where the Qatar 2022 final match will take place, while we wait.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals

For the overwhelming majority of soccer fans, the date 18th of December 2022, is fraught with tension. Nonetheless, it’s the day that the next FIFA king is announced, and it always makes us want him to arrive.

Qatar 2022 comes to an end, and the wait for the Canada-Mexico-United States 2026 begins again. The Lusail Stadium will surely be a major player on that day.

There may be debate over whether countries’ national teams will also have the spirit, talent, and good fortune to reach the FIFA World Cup Final in Qatar 2022, but one thing is for certain: the stadium is a necessity.

Since the Qatar 2022 championship game will be hosted at Lusail Stadium, it will be added to the list of World Cup 2022 final venues.

The jewel of a brand new city

One of Qatar 2022’s largest venues, the Lusail Stadium in the future city of Lusail, is located just 14 miles north of Doha. On December 18, the stadium will host the final of four elimination games.

Qatar’s first new city was announced in 2005, making it a rarity around the globe today. It was previously impossible for foreigners to hold property in the country before Lusail was established. For the first time, this 15 square miles of land were exposed to the world.

The Qatari government reported in 2018 that Lusail had 80 percent of its essential infrastructure in place, 13 years after its conception.

The goal is for 250,000 people to live in the 19 districts that make up the city and enjoy all of its attractions, including luxury islands, a valuable port, commercial boulevards, green areas, and its spectacular soccer stadium.

A state-of-the-art stadium

An Arabian lantern influenced the mesmerizing architecture of the Lusail Stadium, which was built for the World Cup. The building’s front, inspired by Islamic artifacts such as vases and other decorative items, is stunning. A shade for spectators is provided by its saddle-shaped roof, which is entirely retractable.

Dhow-shaped classic Arab sailing vessels can be seen in the Lusail Stadium’s side profile. There are six separate bridges along the pool’s perimeter, all of which must be crossed in order to get to this area.

While other FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 venues have a solar-powered cooling system, the Lusail Stadium has a 0% carbon footprint and sustainable water management that preserves up to 40% in the use of this valuable non-renewable supply, as well as a zero-carbon footprint.

Where to find the Lusail Stadium

Located in the coastal community of Al Daayen, the stadium will host the FIFA World Cup 2022 and is the largest stadium in the world. Located about 10 miles from both Hamad International Airport and the city center of Doha, Al Thumama is the second-closest stadium to both.

Doha Metro has just been refurbished, and the station for the Lusail Metro Stadium is about ten minutes’ walk away from the new Lusail Stadium, which will host the Qatar 2022 World Cup finals in June.

Access routes, such as the Al-Khor Coastal Road, will be created to that end so that people can drive there.

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